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Список рекомендуемых для подготтовки источников:

  1. FCE Use of English 1,2  Evans, Express Publishing
  2. CPE Use of English 1,2  Evans, Express Publishing
  3. Complete Advanced Guy Brook-Hart, Simon Haines, CUP
  4. Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency Richard Side, Guy Wellman, Longman
  5. Check Your English Vocabulary for Phrasal Verbs and Idioms Rawdon Wyatt, A & C Black
  6. English Phrasal Verbs in Use Michael McCarthy, Felicity O’Dell, CUP
  7. Олимпиадные задания муниципальных и региональных этапов разных лет и регионов.
  8. Сборники тестов для подготовки к международным экзаменам форматов CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL.
  9. https://www.usa.gov/history
  10. https://www.historycentral.com/USHistory.html
  11. A History of the American People Paul Johnson, HarperCollins Publishers
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/
  13. https://www.britainfirst.org/history
  14. A Brief History of Great Britain William E. Burns
  15. The Oxford history of the British Empire Low A, Porter A, Louis W OUP


                                 Synonyms of Common Adjectives






 Negative, detrimental, inferior, inadequate, incorrect, poor, unsatisfactory, harmful, unacceptable, unpleasant, discouraging, terrible

  • Dumping waste exerts a negative effect on environment
  • Passive smoking can have a detrimental effect on anyone’s health.


Sizable,  enormous, huge, immense, gigantic, vast, large, sizable, grand, great, tall, substantial, mammoth, astronomical, ample, broad, expansive, spacious, stout, tremendous, titanic, mountainous

  • The mechanic spent an immense amount of time getting the engine into perfect condition.
  • Global warming influences a large number of people living in this area.


Unbelievable, improbable, fantastic, fabulous, incredible,            wonderful,  astonishing, astounding, extraordinary

  • This extraordinary event is held occasionally by the government.
  • John has already had an incredible moment with his friends in England.


Dreadful, terrible, abominable, bad, poor, unpleasant

  • The dreadful service could decrease the number of visitors booking rooms in the summer.
  • Bad attitude may lead people into trouble in every occasions.


Mad, furious, wrathful, indignant, exasperated, aroused,              inflamed

  • He could have been mad to decide to do this risky project.
  • This furious decision could lead us into trouble.


Pleased, contented, satisfied, delighted, elated, joyful, cheerful, ecstatic, jubilant, gay, tickled, gratified, glad, blissful, overjoyed

  • He is pleased to come to New Zealand to study MBA.
  • She is gratified to except this invitation.


Miserable, uncomfortable, heart-broken, unfortunate, downhearted, sorrowful, depressed, gloomy, dismal, discouraged, sad

  • What has led to this miserable state of affairs?
  • He did not know the reason why an unfortunate coincidence happens.


Fascinating , gripping, arresting, enthralling,         engaging, attractive, inviting, intriguing, provocative, though-provoking, challenging, inspiring, titillating, tantalizing, exciting, entertaining, piquant, engrossing, absorbing

  • This challenging sport brings certain benefits to trainees.
  • He had a fascinating idea to support this next project.


Mundane, dull, monotonous, tiresome, humdrum

  • This book is a little bit tiresome to read.
  • Grinding is all well and good, but after a while, the monotonous repetition wears away at your soul.


Indolent, slothful, idle, inactive, sluggish

  • He lifted his dark face, indolent dark eyes.
  • An inactive FED and low bond yields are effectively buoying the stock market and driving major US indexes to record highs.


Noteworthy, worthy, distinguished, remarkable, grand, considerable, powerful, much, mighty

  • ” To hear people call me a word record holder, it sounds remarkable. “
  • Mr Deeds became a powerful advocate for Representative Murphy’s mental health bill.


Acceptable, adroit, commendable, competent, excellent, exceptional, fabulous, fantastic, favorable, first-class, great, marvelous, proficient, satisfactory, skillful, splendid, stupendous, super, superb, superior, tip-top, valuable, wonderful

  • This immediately fulfilled my need to collect things but was also cheaper, more socially acceptable, and more fun than cardboard.
  • ” The US right now is in a very favorable position.”


Chief, critical, crucial, essential, imperative, key, necessary, urgent, weighty, vital

  • She was taken to a local hospital where she was listed in critical but stable condition.
  • That would be nice, but in many ways, it is kind of an imperative.


 Attractive, breathtaking, wonderful, picturesque (landscape/view)

Attractive, glowing, gorgeous, good-looking (person)

  • This means that the garden is no breathtaking work of land art.
  • Behold the warrior women power, a sword hidden in a gorgeous dress, and so, so, so many classic Wonder Woman trappings.


Courageous, fearless, dauntless, intrepid, plucky, daring, heroic, valorous, audacious, bold, gallant, valiant, doughty, mettlesome

  • Transgender children and adults are the strongest and most courageous people I have ever met.
  • Glaring into a bottomless mining cycle, the acquisition may seem daring.


Shining, shiny, gleaming, brilliant, sparkling, shimmering, radiant, vivid, colorful, lustrous

Intelligent, knowing, smart, intellectual (person)

  • They were left with vivid memories of him.
  • While healthy competition is an intellectual stimulus, a cutthroat environment is disruptive.


Quiet, peaceful, still, tranquil, mild, serene, smooth, composed, collected, unruffled, level-headed, unexcited, detached, aloof

  • Smaller demonstrations, community policing tactics and the use of officers on bikes all played a role in the largely peaceful outcome.
  • The product lines of Joy and Komatsu are mostly complimentary, which should smooth antitrust concerns.


Powerful, intense, firm, solid, potent

  • She couldn’t predict the intense political climate and debate surrounding Syrian refugees in the US and abroad.
  • She recognizes the risks inherent in the most potent relationship of her life, yet is unwilling to relinquish it.


Frail, feeble, shaky, flimsy, fragile

  • It’s the only known member of the group to have feeble arms with two fingers.
  • My years in public offices have taught me that progress can be fragile.


Perilous, hazardous, risky, uncertain, unsafe

  • The most perilous situation came in the fourth, when the Giants loaded the bases with one out.
  • The sequence of events surrounding the collapse remain uncertain.


 Savory, delectable, appetizing, luscious, scrumptious, palatable, delightful, enjoyable, toothsome, exquisite

  • The chicken has just the right amount of savory tang, the pickle brine playing nicely against the sweetness of the maple.
  • That doesn’t make it, or her, less political, even if, for her admirers, her presentation is more palatable.


 Well-known, renowned, celebrated, famed, eminent, illustrious, distinguished, noted, notorious

  • So far, however, there has been no sign of Knight, the famed Indiana basketball coach.
  • Rabbi is among the most eminent and respected Rabbis in the country.


 Quick, rapid, speedy, fleet, hasty, snappy, mercurial, swiftly, rapidly, quickly, snappily, speedily, posthaste, hastily, expeditiously, like a flash

  • For every snappy scene or exchange, there are three or four that feel baggy and haft-written.
  • He sent a hasty, mistake-filled letter to Kent, hoping to lessen the potential damage.


Plump, stout, corpulent, fleshy, beefy, paunchy, elephantine

  • Some form plump landscapes, a la Grant Wood.
  • The three fleshy nudes are at once solid and kinetic.


Humorous, amusing, droll, comic, comical, laughable, silly

  • The idea for a humorous ad came from Adam Barth, Felix’s predecessor.
  • It needed to be unlike any traditional greeting, but it couldn’t be at all comical.


Alarming, grave, pressing, pressuring, severe, urgent

  • His grave is located at the edge of of the settlement and remains a pilgrimage site for extremists.
  • The most urgent tasks involve the key institutions of education, business and government.


Insignificant, insubstantial, minimal, minor, tiny

  • The model shows that increasing the share of immigrants with, say, college degrees had only a minimal effect on GDP and employment.
  • A minor in dramatic arts, this is Norman’s stage.


Fresh, unique, original, unusual, novel, modern, current, recent, up-to-date

  • Mr Trump is a unique and present danger.
  • The movie, airing Saturday night, is a continuation of a vibe that’s special and unusual for TV.


Feeble, ancient, aged, used, worn, dilapidated, former, old-fashioned, outmoded,  venerable, primitive, traditional, archaic, outdated, antiquated, obsolete

  • It’s true that society will probably always have devices to read DNA, so that gets around the problem of obsolete readers.
  • The reason, suggested Tom Mann, a political scholar at the Brookings Institution, is downright primitive.


Fake, fraudulent, counterfeit, spurious, untrue, unfounded, erroneous, deceptive, groundless, fallacious

  • This is another problem with this game: It gives you erroneous notions of evolution.
  • The accusations may be spurious, but they are serious and need to be addressed.


Amiss, arguable, askew, awry, bad, debatable, dubious, erroneous, fallacy, fallacious, false, inaccurate, incorrect, miscalculated, misconstrued, misguided, mistaken, on the wrong track, off target, perverse, spurious, unsatisfactory, untrue

  • All of the proposed solutions are debatable, and the next shooting has already happened before those debates are over.
  • The bright colors help them avoid being mistaken for game and shot.


Correct, accurate, factual, true, good, just, honest, upright, lawful, moral, proper, suitable, apt, legal, fair

  • It is always one step ahead of you, yet virtually everyone gets faster and more accurate with practice.
  • The appeals court responded with a judicial shrug to the trial court’s factual findings.


Simple, effortless, straightforward, uncomplicated, child’s play

  • The new tools aim to reverse that pattern, by using technology to make saving as effortless as spending.
  • He left a lot of uncomplicated pleasure in his wake, and some complicated pleasure, too.


Taxing, tough, challenging, daunting,  tricky

  • He recently won an appeal against the tough regime of his incarceration.
  • It’s possible to serve draught beer on a plane – but the physics are tricky.

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Советы от победителей олимпиады Ларькова Михаила и Тимлевой Екатерины!



победителями и призерами Всероссийской олимпиады, 

авторами образовательного олимпиадного паблика Olympway

Часть 1. Listening

Часть 2. Reading


Часть 3. Integrated listening & reading


Часть 4. Use of English


Часть 5. Writing & Speaking





Разбор заданий можно посмотреть в курсе подготовки https://2017.edu.olimpiada.ru/

или по прямой ссылке: 7-8 класс видео / 7-8 класс pdf / 9-11 класс pdf




и Алексеем Васильевичем Конобеевым, членом жюри Всероссийской олимпиады, главным редактором журнала "Английский язык в школе"

Большое спасибо учащимся за то, что нашли время и поделились с нами своим бесценным опытом участия в олимпиаде.

На видео присутствуют участники регионального этапа 2016 года: Гуреев Артем, Долгополова Юлия (участник заключительного этапа 2015 и 2016 гг), Иванов Михаил, Копытина Анна, Тихмянова Анастасия (участник заключительного этапа 2015), Уткина Нина, Шеффан Александр, Хализева Екатерина (участник заключительного этапа 2014 и 2016 гг).

Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы о том, почему они участвуют в олимпиаде, как к ней готовятся, какие разделы самые сложные и как с этим бороться.

А.В. Конобеев ответит на вопросы о том, какие ошибки встречались в устной части регионального этапа 2016 г. Подробнее об этом можно будет узнать на бесплатном вебинаре 28.03.2016 в 17:00 (ссылка на вебинар станет доступна в день мероприятия).



Большое спасибо преподавательскому коллективу лицея 1535 за то, что нашли время поделиться с нами своим опытом работы с одаренными детьми, показали свои открытые уроки и ответили на наши вопросы о том, что важно знать при подготовке одаренных детей к олимпиаде.

Вы услышите советы ведущих преподавателей лицея и ответы на вопросы о контроле и самоконтроле, типичных ошибка, о том, как учащиеся готовились к письменному и устному турам, и о том, как вовлечь учащихся в школьный этап Всероссийской олимпиады школьников по английскому языку.



В преддверии проведения регионального этапа к нам в Центр Педагогического Мастерства приехала Скрипец Алина - студентка Калифорнийского университета в Беркли (училась в Москве в школе ГБОУ "Гимназия № 1573") в 2015 году ставшая призером Всероссийской олимпиады школьников по английскому языку и по русскому языку.

Посмотреть видео этой встречи будет очень полезно для подготовки к олимпиаде. Вы услышите много полезных советов и заодно потренируетесь в аудировании.

1. Рассказ Алины о том, как она подготовилась к олимпиаде, выиграла ее и поступила в университет.


2. Ответы на вопросы участников олимпиады

1. 00:00 Как выиграть две олимпиады в один год и как подготовиться
2. 07:38 Как победа на олимпиаде повлияла на поступление в университет
3. 08:37 Чем родители помогли при подготовке и поступлении в университет
4. 09:22 Стратегия подготовки к устной части олимпиады
5. 11:40 Проблемы с которыми можно столкнуться на устной части
6. 13:04 Как готовиться к олимпиаде и при этом нормально высыпаться
7. 14:00 Как готовиться к олимпиаде и при этом не отрезать себя от окружающего мира
8. 15:42 Как общаться с другими членами команды Москвы на заключительном этапе


Методист по английскому языку Центра Педагогического Мастерства 

Кондрашева Ирина Владимировна рассказывает об

общих принципах подготовки к муниципальному этапу 

Всероссийской Олимпиады школьников по английскому языку


Методист по английскому языку Центра Педагогического Мастерства 

Кондрашева Ирина Владимировна рассказывает о заданиях муниципального этапа 7-8 классов

Всероссийской Олимпиады школьников по английскому языку

 Презентация к видео. Разбор заданий 7-8 классов муниципального этапа 2014/2015 года


Член команды составителей заданий Симонян Татьяна Арменовна

рассказывает о Всероссийской Олимпиаде школьников по английскому языку



 Разбор заданий для 9-11 классов



Разбор заданий для 7-8 классов


Разбор заданий для 5-6 классов


Методист по английскому языку Центра Педагогического Мастерства 

Кондрашева Ирина Владимировна рассказывает о проведении

школьного этапа Всероссийской Олимпиаде школьников по английскому языку